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WordFall Instructions

Use the mouse to remove words from the board. Click on the first letter with your mouse, drag the mouse to select the rest of the word, and then release the mouse button over the last letter. The message under the board tells you if you found a word and how much it was worth.

Every word adds to the award meter. Longer word add more to the meter. When the meter reaches the end, you get an award tile that can be used to increase the value of a word. Multiple award tiles increase the value of the word.

If a red tile reaches the bottom of the board, the game is over. Making smaller words will cause the red tiles to appear faster.

You can shuffle the tiles, but this will also add more red tiles to the board and will reduce the value of every award tile.

Asking for help will give you a small word that is on the board, but it will also add a red tile to the board.

Scoring: Each letter is worth a different number of points. The points for a word is calculated by taking the value of each letter and then multiplying by the length of the word. Each award tile used will add a multiplier to the score for that word. Each round increases the word value by 10%.

Finding the Bonus Word gives a special score that increases each time a Bonus Word is found.

Minimum High Score: 250 - required to qualify for a high score.

Strategy: Finding lots of small words will only lead to lots of red tiles and a low score. There are two strategies for a high score. The first is to concentrate on the bonus word. The first bonus word is only worth 50, but their value increases quickly.

There second strategy is to get as many award tiles as possible and then use them in the same word. By default, you will get a Bronze tile when the award meter reaches the end, but you can get more if you score many award points at once. Try getting the award meter near the end and then score a longer word using some of the Bronze tiles. This should award you silver or better tiles which you can use for even better awards and better word multipliers.