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Sum 31 Instructions

Place up to 30 cards in a 5x5 grid so that the total in each row & column is 31. Place the cards as fast as possible. Click on the square to place the shown card. Aces are worth 1 or 11. You may replace as many cards as you want (until all 30 cards are used), by clicking on an already placed card. Not all of the squares must be filled in, but all of the cards must be placed. Score is based on the total difference of each row and column from 31. Ex: If one row totals 29 and one column totals 32 and all other rows and columns total 31, the total difference is 3. Click Take Score when you are done placing cards.

Scoring: The total difference from 31 must be 11 less to score points. The scoring chart is displayed on the right side of the board. Ex: A difference of 11 points awards 100 points. 31 in all 5 rows and columns (0 difference) awards 10,000 points. Your points from the score chart is multiplied by the time remaining to get your score for that round.

Minimum High Score: 50,000 - required to qualify for a high score.

Strategy: Even the first cards are important. Work toward having a row and column needing the same amount points left (preferably 10), so that getting a single face card will finish off a row and a column. If an empty square is the last spot in a row and a column, then the row and column should both have the same point total. Also, you may want to start off with all face cards down the main diagonal. If possible, try to "mirror" the cards around the diagonal. Ex: The card at row 2 column 4 is the same as row 4 column 2.