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Quick 21 Instructions

Build as many Black Jack hands as you can with a 52 card deck. Click on one of the four columns to place the shown card. When you score a Black Jack or a 5 Card Charlie (5 cards that total less than 21), the column is cleared and you start fresh on that column. You have the opportunity to skip a card 3 times by selecting Skip. If you bust on a column, that column cannot be used for the rest of the round.

The round ends when the game timer reaches the end, when you can't place the next card and there are no skips left, or when you use all 52 cards. A total of 3 rounds are played.

Besides the game timer, there is a bonus hand timer that counts down from 500 and stops at 50. Getting a Black Jack resets the hand timer to 500. When no more cards can be played, select Done.

Scoring: If you bust in a column you lose 100 points. Each Black Jack is worth the number of Black Jacks scored times 1000 plus the hand timer value. Ex: The eighth Black Jack is worth 8000 plus the hand timer value. This continues until you use a skip, bust, or allow the hand timer to reach 50. Then, the counter starts over and the next Black Jack value is worth 1000. A 5 Card Charlie is scored as a Black Jack plus 100 times the value of that column. At the end of the round, 1000 points is awarded for each Black Jack and 100 points is awarded for each card placed (skips don't count). Placing all 52 cards is a 7,500 bonus. Using all 52 cards and having none left in any of the columns is a 15,000 bonus.

Minimum High Score: 150,000 - required to qualify for a high score.

Strategy: Resetting the Black Jack bonus counter is bad. You probably shouldn't use a skip unless you absolutely need to, and don't bust or let the hand timer reach 50. If you do, the next Black Jack will only be worth 1000.

There are 4 face cards (10, J, Q, K), and 4 combinations of non-face cards to make 11 ( 2-9, 3-8, 4-7, 5-6 ). Try placing one face card and one low card in each column, and wait for the other low card match to make 21. It is best when all 4 columns have different totals, and are between 10-15. This system doesn't account Aces, but they are usually easy to get rid of. Don't get stuck will all 4 columns with totals above 15. If forced to place a non-face card on another non-face card, try to keep the total in each column different. Also, the more Black Jacks you get, the more points you score. Try using the Aces as 11's only. The extra 44 points will give you 2 extra Black Jacks. That 18th Black Jack can be worth up to 19,500 including all bonuses. Getting 5 Card Charlie can also increase the total number of possible Black Jacks. Finally, remember Aces count as 1 or 11. You can still place a face card on a soft total (Ex: Ace + 5) If you need to, you can bust in one, two, or even three column after you run out of skips.