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Pyramid Instructions

Remove cards from the screen in pairs that total 13. The Jack, Queen, and King are worth 11, 12, and 13 respectively. Aces are worth 1. There are 2 Jokers which can be matched up with any other card. Since the King is worth 13 by itself it does not need to be paired.

The board is made up of 28 cards in the form of a 7 row pyramid. There is a draw deck of 26 cards. To remove cards, click on two cards in the pyramid that are not covered or one of the 2 visible cards in the draw deck. The two cards must total 13. Since the King is 13 points by itself, it can be removed simply by clicking on it. Selecting the first card will highlight it. Clicking on it again will unselect that card. If you can't remove any cards, click on the draw deck to change the top card in the draw pile. Click Take Score when no more cards can be placed. A total of three rounds are played.

Scoring: Each row on the board is worth a different value 400-1000, bottom-top. Each card removed scores the value of its row. The cards on the top of draw pile are worth 200. When 2 or more pairs of cards are removed in a row, each pair awards an extra 1000 X the run. At the end of the game, each removed pair is worth 1000. If you clear the board, you get a 25,000 point bonus plus 1000 for every card left in the draw deck plus a timer bonus worth 0-10000.

Minimum High Score: 150,000 - required to qualify for a high score.

Strategy: The biggest points come from clearing the board and removing long runs of cards without turning over a new card in the draw deck. When making a match using the top card from the draw deck, try to make sure that the other draw deck card can also form a match. Otherwise, hit skip one more time. Also, remember that both draw deck cards can form a match with each other. Finally, be careful when using Jokers. Without the Jokers, there are 24 pairs plus the 4 Kings. Without the Jokers, every card in the deck has a match. When you use a Joker, a different card in the deck loses its match. You might get burned later in the game.