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Pick 2 Instructions

Remove pairs of cards from the screen that form a match (ex: King & King) or form a sequence (Ex: Queen & King). You can select any card on the board that is not covered or the top card in the draw deck. Selecting a card will highlight it. Clicking on it again will unselect the card. Selecting two cards that are a match or sequence will remove them. If you can't remove any cards, click the face down card on the draw pile to change the top card. When you skip a card, that card is placed in the first available spot on the board. Click Take Score when no more cards can be placed.

A total of three rounds are played. There are 23 cards in the draw deck and 19 on the board for the first round. 18 cards in the deck, and 33 on the board for the second and third rounds.

Scoring: Each matched pair that is removed is worth 1,200. Each sequence removed is worth 400. Each removed pair also awards a 50-500 bonus, based on the card timer. If you skip a card, you lose 100 points. If you clear the board, you get a 10,000 point bonus plus 1000 for every card left in the deck. There is also a game timer bonus worth 0-5000.

Minimum High Score: 80,000 - required to qualify for a high score.

Strategy: Since matches are worth 3 times as much as sequences, you want to focus on making the matches. You can see all of the cards on the board before you start. Identify all possible matching pairs, and after that, all possible sequences. Quickly match as many pairs as possible for the highest score and the 500 point hand timer bonus.

When you are down to cards only on the top row, if there is a match available but you can't remove every card then skip the next card. If you can delay making a decision, then do so. Ex: You have 8 and King on the top row and another 8 on the top of the deck. Don't remove the pair of 8's. If the next three cards are 7, 9, King then you can remove 7-8, 8-9, and King-King. If you had gotten rid of the pair of 8's earlier, then you would have lost your chance to win. Note: You don't want to remove so many cards that you start a second row on the board.