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Line 5 Instructions

Remove pieces by lining up 5 or more pieces of the same color in a row, column, or diagonal. Pieces can be moved by clicking on a piece to select it and then clicking on another square to move the selected piece to that square. Pieces can only be moved if there is an open path between the two squares. Every time a piece is moved, 3 new pieces are added to the game board. These new pieces have a white border. Note: If you see an empty square with a white border, then one of the new pieces completed a line and those pieces were automatically removed. The jester pieces are wild and can be used as any color. After 100 pieces have been removed, you wont get any more wild pieces.

Each removed piece is worth 10 points. Extra points (3x) are awarded when more than 5 pieces are removed at a time. Ex: The sixth piece is worth 18, the seventh is worth 21...

Minimum High Score: 500 - required to qualify for a high score.

Strategy: Don't use the wild pieces unless necessary. Remember that they stop coming after 100 pieces have been removed. Don't move a piece just to get it out of the way. Move it to a place where it can be used. Be aware of what pieces will be placed next. When the board is near full, one of those pieces might be needed to complete a line. Also, before selecting a piece to move, consider how moving the piece will allow other trapped pieces to be moved. Don't try to build lines by moving pieces to the sides. Empty squares can be blocked easily if they are on an edge. Building diagonals works the best since two different lines can cross. Remember that more than one column, row, or diagonal can be removed with the moving of one piece.