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Fun 21 Instructions

Get the 5 best possible Black Jack hands as fast as possible. Click on one of the five columns to place the shown card. You may skip the next card once by clicking the shown card. Select Done when no more cards can be placed. If you Bust (more than 21 in any column) the round is over and no points are awarded. A total of 3 rounds are played.

Scoring: You must total at least 97 total in all 5 poker hands to score points. The scoring chart is displayed on the right side of the board. Ex: 97 awards 50 points. 105 (5 black jacks) awards 1000 points. Your points from the score chart is multiplied by the time remaining to get your score for that round.

Minimum High Score: 200,000 - required to qualify for a high score.

Strategy: As the cards come out, place one 2-9 card and one face card per column. Then wait for the 3rd card that will give you 21. The goal is to have one face card and two 2-9 cards per column. Ignore this rule if 2 or more cards of the same value come out. If you get three 6's you cannot hope to also get three 5's. It is better to have one 6 in one column waiting for a 5, and two 6's in another column waiting for a 9. Settling for 20 (2 face cards) in a column will not get you really high scores. Aces are worth 1 or 11. If you have a face card you can't use, but have 21 in a row with an 11 point Ace, you can put the face card on that row and it will still be at 21. Remember score is multiplied by time, so speed is key.