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Teamwork In Genetic Programming

Screen shot of TSP Program
Click the image to run the Ant Genetic Program.

I have developed a Genetic Program that will evolve programs that will emulate the food collection behavior of ants. The teamwork aspect of this program comes into play when the ants must work together to solve a problem. The ant programs are written in a special language developed for this application. The language consists of ant actions such as: MoveForward, PickUpFood... This genetic program consists of an an intepreter to execute the special ant language, the Genetic Program evolver that will create the ant programs, and a simulator that lets you view the ants in action as they collect food.


Input Data

  • Parameters - Variables to control the execution of the Genetic Program.
  • Instruction Set - Set of instructions to be used in the ant programs.
  • Map File - Environment where the ants execute their program.


  • Solutions - Hand written solutions of possible solutions to different problems.
  • Results - Actual results from different tests using the Genetic Program.


  • Run it online: Online Ant Simulator
  • Source Code:
  • Executable:
  • Thesis Paper: thesis.pdf

    Note: This thesis paper is based on the original Genetic Program implementation written in 1997.
    The original program was written in C using Motif and lex & yacc on a Unix platform.
    It was written for speed and not readability due to the limitations of computers at that time.
    Hopefully the new .NET implementation will allow for more reuse and further research.