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Artificial Intelligence / Life

Some of my AI Projects
    - Run it online or download the source code

  • Teamwork in Genetic Programming - Ant food collection
       An Ant Simulator for Food Collection Problems involving special types of teamwork.
       Some examples include water crossing and heavy food requiring more than one ant to lift.

  • Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) Using A Genetic Algorighm
       This algorithm tries to find the shortest tour (total distance) between a given number of cities.
       The solution is a Genetic Algorithm with a greedy crossover operation and a greedy initial population.
       The unique crossover algorithm is capable of finding a near-solution to a 100 city tour problem in under a minute.

  • Flocking Behavior Simulator
       This program simulates the flocking behavior of birds.
       It includes two groups of birds, predators, obstacles, and food.