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Problems Running the Games

Sun Java 1.5 is required to play these games.
Get the Java Plugin

For more help, try the Games Forums.

Registering/Logging in to play the games

All of the games are free. You do not need to register to play the games, but you must register and login to keep track of your scores. You can register here. You do not need to provide a valid EMail address to register. The EMail address is only used if you forget your password. We do not send out any unsolicited EMails.

You can login here or click the login link at the top of every page. You will be warned if you start a game without logging in. You can also click the login link on that warning in the game to login.

Creating an Avatar icon next to your name

Use the Personalize page to add an icon next to your name in the high score lists.
You must first find an icon to upload to this site. You can google avatars for some sites that provide free images. Find an icon you like and right click on it and select save. From the Personalize page, click the upload button and browse to the avatar you just saved.
The icon must be a .jpg, .gif, or .png file. The maximum dimensions are 100 pixels high and 150 pixels wide. You can upload larger avatar images, but they will be automatically scaled down and saved as a jpeg. This means that animated gifs will not be animated and transparent backgrounds are lost. If the image is less than 150x100, then the image file is not modified and animation and transparency are not lost.

Problems accessing from some networks

Some servers block Those corporate servers think these games are a waste of time.
If you or your friends are having trouble connecting, try our other domain name at
I know there are no four player games on this site right now, but they are coming.

Can't see the full game

Some of the games are 800 pixels wide, which can cause problems if your monitor is also only 800 pixels wide.
Both Internet Explorer and Firefox support a Full Screen mode that will get rid of the borders on the side.
To enter (and exit) Full Screen mode hit the F11 key on your keyboard, or select Full Screen from the View menu.

Can't fire and move in shooting games

Some keyboards limit the numbers of keys that can be pressed at once. Maybe your keyboard beeps when many keys are pressed at once, or maybe it just ignores the 2nd or 3rd keypress. If you are having problems trying to shoot, thrust, and steer at the same time then read the instructions for that individual game. There will be alternate key sequences you can use that should solve your problem.

Problems getting high scores

The site keeps track of the top 100 scores for today, the last 7 days, and the month. You can see the current scores at the top left of each game screen. The 3 buttons let you view all three score charts. Use the numbers at the bottom of the score chart to view the different pages of scores.

Be sure to thoroughly read the instructions for each game. Some of the games have complex scoring mechanisms. Simply clearing the board might not always lead to the best score. Sometimes speed is key. In other games, you are better off using the whole timer spending time thinking about the best move. Be sure to read the strategy section in the instructions for additional information.

Problems recording high scores

There are several reasons this can occur.
  • It might occur when using back on your browser to access the game pages. IDs are used to identify users and games, and you might use an old/incorrect ID if you use back to access the game. The game pages are setup not to cache so this problem shouldn't occur, but FireFox and Opera can ignore this setting.
  • I add to & update the games regularly. With browser caching, it is possible that you will now have half of the latest changes, and half of the old stuff. This incompatibility can cause all sorts of problems. If you continue to have problems, try restarting your browser and/or clearing the browser cache. Internet Explorer will usually clear out old java applets with a restart. Sometimes FireFox can be more difficult.

Security Problems

If you are getting an error running ActiveX controls or java, it could be a problem downloading Java itself. If the problem is with the Java Plug-in, you can get it directly from Sun using the link above.
Internet Explorer

To enable signed ActiveX controls, follow the instructions below. From the Internet Explorer menu, select Tools -> Internet Options. Select the Security Tab. Make sure "Internet" is selected and click Custom Level. Check the checkbox for either Prompt or Enable for "Download Signed ActiveX Controls. Then click OK.
Security Tab Security Settings

If Java is disabled go to the Advanced Tab, check the Use JRE checkbox and click OK.
Security Settings


If Java is disabled in Firefox, select Tools -> Options. Go to the Content tab. Check Enable Java and select OK.
Security Settings

Other Problems

If you continue to have problems, try reading the instructions for the game. Each game has a special instruction page that is more detailed than the instructions at the top of the game page. If that doesn't work, try the forums or contact us directly. Please include your browser version, the url you are using ( or, and the type of error.